Trócaire thanks people of Galway who helped 964 families last Christmas

Sisters Kate (5 ) and Alice ( 7) Pierse and Ella McGrath (6) from Galway City who helped Trocaire volunteers (left to right) Blessing Usher Nyoni, Janisa Momodu and Joyce Mathias launch the Irish NGOÕs life-changing Christmas Gifts of Change. Photo: Andrew Downes

Last year the people of Galway helped 964 families living in some of the world’s most fragile countries last year thanks to their support for Trócaire’s Christmas Gifts.

The generous people across Galway spent over €28,000 on Trócaire’s Christmas gift range last year, allowing the Irish NGO to provide families in the developing world with clean water, essential tools, livestock and help with education.

Trócaire, who celebrate 50 years of giving on their milestone anniversary this year, have once again launched their life-changing Christmas Gifts of Change range, and are asking people to give a gift that really matters with Trócaire’s selection of sustainable and ethical gifts.

Trócaire CEO Caoimhe de Barra said, “Over one million life-changing gifts over 50 years of giving have been purchased by the Irish public since the annual Christmas gifts appeal was launched in 2000, supporting some of the world’s most vulnerable families.”

“Trócaire’s gifts include favourites like beehives for drought-stricken farmers in the Horn of Africa to school kits and lunches for children across the world.”

“Each gift matters and we are grateful for the continued support from the people of Galway,” Caoimhe de Barra added.

With 22 to choose from, ranging from €5 to €1,400, each Trócaire gift will support critical work across the developing world. The gifts can be purchased online at, or by calling 1800 408 408.

This Christmas, Trócaire has a range of new gifts that help families worldwide. This includes the Gift of Family Essentials (€35) that will bring vital comfort to children and families caught up in conflict in countries like Gaza, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Ukraine.

Your Gift of Family Essentials will provide families with survival kits, emergency dignity kits and food baskets. It will make all the difference to a family who have lost everything this Christmas.

The Mental Health Lifeline Gift (€50) also provides the people of Gaza access to vital mental health care.

If you’re looking for something that will help the planet this Christmas, Trócaire has a range of climate gifts. The Gift of Seeds and Tools (€15) provides families with everything they need to plant, tend and grow healthy, nutritious, fresh fruit and vegetables.

A new Protection from Climate Change Gift (€100) will help struggling families respond to the effects of extreme weather by providing drought-resistant seeds, equipment to store limited rainfall, and trees that help to reduce flooding and enrich the soil.

This is the ideal gift to help restore hope and justice for families and communities who have been devastated by climate change.

This Christmas, you can also support women and girls worldwide. Our gifts for women include the Gift of Menstrual Dignity (€10) to provide girls with supplies for a safe and hygienic period, and a Women’s Empowerment Gift (€100) which helps set up women-led savings and loans groups to support local women to set up their own businesses.

In 2022/2023, Trócaire improved the lives of 1.58 million people in 23 of the most fragile countries in the world, thanks to the generous support of the Irish public.

This included supporting over 1.1 million people in humanitarian crises, 88,646 people to fight for access to justice in Central America, Palestine and Zimbabwe and 232,139 women and girls through empowerment programmes in fifteen countries.

Last year, Trócaire’s climate and environmental justice work supported 278,082 people in nine countries: Malawi, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Sierra, Leone, DRC, Somalia, South Kordofan (Sudan) and South Sudan.

Trócaire Gifts 2023    

  • Soap €5   
  • Chicks €8   
  • Menstrual Dignity €10  
  • Seeds and Tools €15  
  • Solar Lamp €15   
  • Emergency Water €20  
  • School Lunches €20  
  • School Kit €30  
  • Family Essentials €35  
  • Mental Health Lifeline €50  
  • Goats €50  
  • Help for Grandparents €50  
  • New Mother’s Care Kit €55  
  • Honey Bees €65  
  • Protection from Climate Change €100  
  • Water Systems €100  
  • Women’s Empowerment €100  
  • A Just World €100  
  • A Safe Home €150  
  • Ox Plough and Farming Tools €200  
  • Fix a Well €1,000  
  • Solar Panel Water Pump €1,400