PBP Galway welcomes further application to Dublin Road BusConnects

Galway Daily Public consultation on BusConnects project in Galway City

People Before Profit Galway has welcomed a further application to the Dublin Road BusConnects, but said that pedestrians, wheelchair users, and cyclists must be provided for first and foremost.

Galway City East Representative Denman Rooke commended the provision of more public transport options for Galway.

He said that in the midst of a worsening climate crisis, everything that can be done to help people reduce their car usage and get onto public transport is welcome.

“More buses, bus routes, and cheaper transport costs are a win-win for everyone,” he said.

But Rooke said we must also continue to ensure that we fundamentally change the hierarchy of transport from vehicles to people.

He said pedestrians require safe paths and crossing opportunities and wheelchair users deserve wide footpaths with no fear a vehicle will block their progress.

In addition to more bus routes and better cycling infrastructure, PBP Galway is calling for greater systemic solutions.

“We need to see the public transport being made free in Galway City for all, as well as facilitating active transport – that means more pedestrianisation, more cycleways, and less overall car demand,” added Mr Rooke.

“This will benefit not just us immediately but also our future generations. Additionally, pushing for a four-day working week and a 15-minute city will all aid in lowering our carbon emissions and local air pollution.”