Massive drop in Galway City traffic levels

Galway Daily traffic Traffic delays expected from N65 roadworks today

Traffic levels on one of the busiest routes in Galway City have plummeted since the introduction of Level 5 lockdown restrictions.

Data gathered by Transport Infrastructure Ireland shows that there were 2,903 cars travelling on Bothar na dTreabh in the city between 7-10am on Wednesday.

That represents a 24% decline in traffic levels on the same day the week beforehand. It is also 36% lower than the same day in 2019.

Under Level 5 restrictions, not only is inter-county travel off the table, but people are not supposed to go further than 5km from their homes except for essential purposes.

Many businesses are also closed under the lockdown, and where they are not people are encouraged to work from home as much as possible.

TII has been monitoring car numbers on ten busy roads around the country since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Overall, they have found that traffic levels are down between 32% and 63% compared with last year.

The biggest drop over the past week has been on the M1 south of the border at Jonesbro, where traffic numbers on Wednesday were 39% lower than the week before.