New access roads needed at Roscam Estates to combat heavy traffic

Galway Daily news New access roads needed at Roscam Estates to combat heavy traffic

New road access is needed at Roscam’s housing estates in order to reduce heavy traffic congestion a city councillor has said.

Councillor Alan Cheevers is urging the city council to apply for funding from the Department of Transport to create new access roads at the back of Roscam’s estates on the city outskirts.

Councillor Cheevers said that years of bad planning is causing severe traffic and congestion issues coming from the estates in Roscam.

This is particularly bad during peak hours, he said, with more and more housing being built, but

“Currently residents are been inconvenienced by active travel construction work on South Doughiska road, which is causing further chaos,” Alan Cheevers said.

“I believe what we need to see now is funding for new access fast tracked. This access would be at the back of Boirreann Beag estate onto the dual carriageway and coast road.”

A provision could also be made to provide a walking and cycling connection to Oranmore Train Station through here, he added.

A submission to look for such an access from the back of the estate was passed by the city council while drafting the Galway City Development Plan last year, and funding should now be sought to act on it.