Galway City streets being closed this summer to help pubs and restaurants with outdoor dining

Galway Daily news Pedestrianising of city streets

Galway City Council has issued notification of its plans to pedestrianise a number of streets around the city to encourage outdoor dining this summer.

The council intends to provide space for outdoor dining, festivals, and other events for a period of five months this year.

The pedestrianisation would cover the summer period, starting on Friday, April 28 and lasting until Sunday, October 1.

Some of the roads will only be closed during the evening times, while others would be shut to traffic 24/7.

Dominick Street Upper, between the junctions with William Street and the bridge, would be closed from 6pm to 11pm each evening.

Raven’s Terrace in the westend will be shut from 6pm to 11pm each evening, as will William Street West, between Small Crane and Munster Avenue.

The Small Crane, between William Street West and the New Street West junction, will be pedestrianised permanently during the summer months.

And lastly, the outbound lane of Woodquay Street, between Daly’s Place and the Headford Road, would also be shut to traffic 24/7.

The pedestrianisation of many city centre streets was an initiative that began during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing more space for safer outdoor areas, during lockdown, and to help them as restrictions eased.

One of those changes, Cross Street in the city centre, was made permanent year round back in 2021 after changes were made to the city’s traffic flow.

Diversion signage will be in place for motorists during the summer, and local access will be maintained where needed.

Maps and documents related to the planned closures can be found on the council website or at city hall.

Submissions or objections related to the plans can be made in writing or by email until 12pm on March 31.