City Councillor hits out at congestion charges

Galway Daily news New access roads needed at Roscam Estates to combat heavy traffic

Congestion charges in Galway City should not be considered until the Ring Road is in development, and public transport has been sorted out.

City Councillor Alan Cheevers said as much in response to proposals by Green Party leader and Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan this week.

Minister Ryan brought a memo to Cabinet this week seeking approval for measures to reduce car usage.

The National Demand Management Strategy may well examine creating car free zones and introducing congestion charges in urban areas.

However, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said in the Dail this week that there were no plans to introduce charges in the foreseeable future.

Cllr Alan Cheevers has asked the Taoiseach and Tanaiste to insist on the Outer Ring Road in Galway, and the Limerick-Cork motorway to be included in the strategy for car free zones

“If you look at the current situation with Galway City, we have gridlock with traffic which is seriously affecting our commuters and our residents, and long term, our economic growth and businesses.”

“I believe what we need to see is a collective suite of measures including the outer ring Road to take cars away from the City as well as proper bus services and a commuter rail link.”

He added that three to four years for the introduction of park and ride or commuter rail in Galway is not soon enough, as is the 2028 expected delivery date of the Dublin Road Bus Connects project.