Too Soon?

Christmas early delivery.

That’s right, the Christmas decorations are going up, even before Halloween has had a chance. Decorations on Brown Thomas are already halfway there.

Shop Street, Galway.

And in retails stores including Dunnes and Woodies, they are already front and center.

Psychologists say that’s a good thing, as holiday decorations, especially for Christmas, tend to make us all happier. After all, it is hard to get angry at Mrs. Claus and the reindeer if they are holding cookies.

Economists are happy about it. PwC reports that Irish families spent an average of €2500 on Christmas last year, and retail tracker Ecommerce is predicting a 15% increase in spending this year. That increase isn’t as healthy as the 17% increase retailers saw from 2016-2017, but it’s nothing to ruin the season for retailers.

And kids, well, I doubt you’ll find one that doesn’t love imagining Christmas all year long.