Thousands sign petition to restore Salthill Tidal Pools

galway daily Public consultation on reopening Salthill tidal pools

A petition to restore the tidal pools in Salthill has received almost 2,500 signatures in just two days, and is well on track to hit its target of 3,000 signatures before the weekend.

The My Uplift petition was created two days ago by Ronan McGuire and has attracted widespread support across social media, gaining over 1,000 signatures since yesterday.

The petition argues that sea swimming is at an all-time high in Galway and across Ireland, and people are making the most out of the outdoors now more than ever.

“The tidal pools in Salthill have been left unused for several decades. They were once full of life, being enjoyed by Galwegians of all ages for swimming,” reads the statement on the official petition page.

“We think they should be reopened so they can be enjoyed by the community once again.

“Tidal pools allow members of the public to swim in a protected area, whilst being right by the sea. We believe now is the perfect time for Salthill to reopen the tidal pools.”

The petition will support an application to Galway City Council under the Galway City Development Plan 2023-2029 to reopen the pools.

It can be found HERE.