Thousands of euro raised for lunches for UHG healthcare workers

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Over six thousand euro has been raised in a fundraising campaign aimed at providing lunches for frontline healthcare workers at University Hospital Galway.

Mr. Waffle, located just opposite UHG, set up the gofundme page which encourages all donations from the public.

The business, which sells crepes, belgian waffles, sandwiches and quesadillas, says that they set up the page following unprecedented requests and monetary donations received from the general public.

The donations were made to help feed our frontline healthcare workers, because of Mr Waffle’s proximity to University Hospital Galway.

People can donate any amount they wish and the business will put this towards providing lunches for frontline doctors and nurses in UCHG.

So far, over six thousand euro has been raised from donations from 312 people.

“It will be a double act of kindness as we hope we can keep open for a little longer in these uncertain times we are all facing,” Mr Waffle said, on the official Gofundme page.