This amazing new app lets users know all about Galway’s Westend!

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A new Galway app giving users recommendations about where to stay, eat, and drink has been launched, bringing Galway’s Westend to life on people’s phones.

The app was developed by Galway’s Westend, along with Boon Agency, who decided to make life easier for people visiting Galway and the neighbourhood by developing an app available on all smartphones.

The app lets people know where the locals go, and has interactive walk map trails that bring users through the area and inform them via interactive audio links of key places of interest.

 Malachy Duggan of Galway’s Westend explained: “The recordings were made using people living and working in the westend, so it’s a pure Galway take on an app.

“Once the app is downloaded and you pass a point of interest, you simply scan a QR code and the story of that place can be heard through your phone. We want to encourage people coming to Galway to cross the bridge in the westend and experience life here.

“Our businesses are owner occupied, so you get to meet the people who run and operate each business when you visit.

“It makes the area safer, we care about where we are working because we live here and have such a connection to the neighbourhood.”

Lisa Regan added: “We looked at our area and knew we needed to help people travelling to Galway and indeed living here to know all that is going happening on the other side of the river.

“This app allows people to connect with the people, the businesses and the things you need to be doing in real time when you get here. The app will allow you to never miss a trick, meal, gig or event in Galways westend.”

The Galways Westend app is available for download on all smartphones.