Stockpiling food increases risk of infestations pest control company warns

Galway daily news Stockpiling food increases risk of infestations

Pest control experts Rentokil have warned that stockpiling excessive amounts of food during lockdown puts households at increased risk of infestations by rodents and insects.

The company believes that high levels of food waste as a result of bulk buying and stockpiling could attract higher numbers of rodents and insects into homes, and lead to increased numbers of infestations.

Galway has had the third highest level of callouts for insect infestations so far this year, accounting for 10% of Rentokil’s total, and coming behind only Dublin (37%) and Kerry (21%).

Between January and March of 2020 the counties worst affected by rodents were Dublin, 33% of callouts, Cork (8%), and Meath (7%).

Richard Faulkner, Advanced Technical Field Consultant for Rentokil said: “Bulk buying more food than is needed can result in an increase in food waste.”

“Consequently, getting rid of expired produce has the potential to attract rodents and pest insects.”

“Households should ensure they are adhering to best practice in preventing infestations and that they are carefully disposing of any waste.”

Some simple methods for preventing rodent or insect infestations they advise include storing food in sealed metal or glass containers with tight fitting lids.

Outdoor rubbish bags should be placed in bins with securely fitted lids to stop rodents or insects getting in, clean up pet food and bird seed debris.

And if composting in your garden, don’t include organic food waste, as this will attract pests.