Should Tuam wastewater treatment plant become a regional sludge hub?

Galway Daily news Canney says Irish Water needs to re-think strategy on locating Connacht Sludge Hub

A public consultation is currently being held on where to locate a sludge hub for the wastewater network in the north western region, with Tuam as one option.

Sludge is generated from the treatment of wastewater, but once it is produced it needs to be treated so that it is safe for either disposal or re-use.

Since 2014 Irish Water has been in the process of upgrading or building new wastewater treatment plants nationwide which has drastically increased the amount of sludge being produced.

This is extremely costly to transport for treatment, as it tends to be between 95 and 99 percent water giving it a large volume.

Because of this Irish Water has been carefully considering where to place its regional sludge treatment hubs, with proposals currently on the table for the North West, East Midlands, and South regions.

The two locations being considered for the North West region are the Tuam and Sligo wastewater treatment plants, with a Site Selection Methodology Report available for the public to view.

For the next stage of this project Irish Water is inviting feedback from members of the public and interested stakeholders on this project, and the deadline for this public consultation has been extended to Tuesday, November 5.

People are asked to submit their views on:

  • Is there any additional information on the potential sites identified Irish Water should be aware of?
  • In addition to the criteria set out to select a preferred site, are there any other factors you think should be considered in choosing the preferred site?
  • How would you like Irish Water to communicate with you as the project progresses?

If you would like to make a submission, please send it by email or post by Tuesday 05 November 2019 via the following; or by post to Sludge Hub Centres – North West Region, C/O J. B. Barry & Partners Ltd., Classon House, Dundrum Business Park, Dundrum Road, Dublin 14, D14 T9T0.

Both Tuam and Sligo wastewater treatment plants currently accept sludge, and should either be chosen as a regional hub it would involve significant upgrade works to increase its capacity.

The assessment of the potential treatment facilities and selection of preferred sites will be based on environmental, planning, economic, and technical factors.

Submissions from individuals will be reported anonymously and feedback from organisations will be attributed to them.

Submissions will not be individually responded to but will be summarised in a consultation report which will be published online.