Salthill Sundays will continue until “we get what we want” say organisers

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Car fanatics will continue their meetups in Galway city until they are given an alternative venue for their events, the organisers of ‘Salthill Sundays’ have said.

The latest meetup at the weekend sparked anger and widespread criticism after traffic was blocked across the city by hundreds of modified cars which descended on Salthill from across Ireland.

Many also complained about the attitude and behaviour of some of those who were in attendance at the unofficial event.

But the car enthusiasts are determined to meet up again in Salthill this weekend, demanding that they are provided with a location for their meets.

In a statement, the Salthill Sundays Facebook group said: “We will not be stopping our events until we get what we all car enthusiasts want which is a venue that will accommodate us all without your pettiness and complaints.

“We are working hard to secure us a location to host our meets and for us to enjoy our time.”

The group also said that they have been subjected to “mean and hateful comments” and will not be commenting on “what the radio stations are saying”.