City council introduces new rules on signs in public areas

Galway Daily news City council introduces new rules on signs in public areas

Galway City Council has introduced new rules for putting up temporary signs in the city for the summer.

In order to put up temporary signs in public areas promoting charity, sporting and cultural events, a permit will now be required.

The application for a permit must be made a minimum of four weeks in advance of the event taking place.

Derek Healy from the city council said “The aim of this policy is to support good, creative and necessary signage in appropriate locations.”

“It is also to ensure that the overall presentation of the city and the image which it portrays to residents, visitors and potential investors is not negatively affected by inappropriate and unauthorised signage”.

Signs may also not be put up in within specified city centre areas, on any lighting or ESB poles, and may not block any road signage or traffic lights.

Event will be restricted to putting up a maximum of 50 signs, which must be removed immediately afterwards.

These rules also apply to signage being put up on private property which are visible from a public place.