RNLI lifeboat helps family on boat run aground at night

Galway Daily news Lough Derg RNLI helps family on boat run aground at night
Photo: RNLI/Eleanor Hooker

The Lough Derg RNLI lifeboat came to aid of a family of four after their boat ran aground on Thursday night.

The Coast Guard called on the lake’s RNLI station shortly before 9pm on Thursday to help a family on a 40ft cruiser aground at the Goat Road at navigation Marker E.

The lifeboat, Jean Spier, already afloat on exercise, launched with helm Steve Smyth, Tom Hayes, Chris Parker and Ciara Moylan on board.

Winds were southwesterly Force 3, visibility was reduced with nightfall.

At 9.03pm the lifeboat arrived on scene. All four people on board were safe and unharmed and wearing their lifejackets. An engineer from the cruiser company was also on scene.

The engineer and an RNLI volunteer transferred across to the casualty vessel to check that there no damage to the hull.

Given the late hour and location, the helm decided to take the vessel off the shoal and out into safe water.

At 9.43pm the lifeboat had the vessel off the Goat Road and under tow to safe water where the drives and propeller were checked and found to be in good working order.

Under its own power and with an RNLI volunteer remaining on board, the cruiser followed the lifeboat to Rossmore Harbour where it was safely tied alongside at 10.10pm.

Christine O’Malley, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Lough Derg RNLI advises boat users to, “plan your passage so that you arrive at safe harbour before nightfall.”

“Anticipate each navigation buoy on your route and keep a lookout visually and on your lake charts”.