Residential Tenancies Board system “cumbersome” for landlords

Galway Daily news Taoiseach gives Galway TD assurances on family farms over Residential Zoned Land Tax

The Residential Tenancies Board is not functioning properly, and is creating angst among landlords a Galway TD has said.

Speaking in the Dáil, Deputy Seán Canney said that he has received multiple complaints from landlords about the RTB in recent months about payment and registration systems not working.

“People find the payment system to be cumbersome and they say it is failing because properties are not being registered. If a cheque is sent in, the board denies that it was received.”

“If the fee is paid online, the payment is taken from landlords’ accounts but does not seem to be arriving in the RTB account or the system does not show that the landlords have conformed by paying their fee.”

“The RTB should do things properly. The board brought in a new system that it cannot use so how can it expect landlords to use it,” Seán Canney said.

The Residential Tenancies Board has also changed its rules from April, so that the tenancy registration fee now has to be paid annually, as opposed to every three years.

The Galway East TD was speaking during debate on the private members Rent Reduction Bill.

At the start of his contribution, Deputy Canney acknowledged that he has a vested interest, as he rents out a property, but said that rents do need to be regulated.

He said that establishing a rent authority would be a boon to renters and landlords, as it would allow someone with a “fair-minded view” to ensure that rents are fair, and that landlords wouldn’t be forced out of the market.

He also warned that the current high demand for any rental property in Galway is creating a “false economy”, with rents which are not sustainable.

“Rents should be based on some sort of indexation so that rates do not fire ahead when supply becomes tight.”