Major leak in Galway City was losing 850,000 litres of water a day

Galway Daily news Maintenance works on Roundstone Reservoir affecting local water supply

Repairs to a major leak in the Galway City Water network have stopped the loss of 850,000 litres of water a day.

The amount of water saved each day after a leak was detected on Rosary Lane off Taylor’s Hill is equivalent to what is used by the entire population of Ballinasloe.

Gerry O’Donnell, Leakage Reduction Programme Manager with Uisce Éireann, described the find as “one of the largest savings of our precious resource this year in the North-West Region.”

“It’s hard to understand that more than 850,000 litres of clean drinking water were disappearing underground every day.”

“Water is a valuable resource and expensive to produce so finding this leak and successfully repairing it was of paramount importance.”

Uisce Éireann and Galway City Council recognised a spike in water usage in the Taylor’s Hill area.

However, there was a challenge in identifying the exact location of the water loss on the underground public network as there was no water surfacing.

The exact location of the leak was pinpointed using step testing and specialised detection equipment, allowing it to be fixed.

“As a result of the collaboration between Galway City Council and Uisce Éireann, customers are enjoying a more secure and reliable water supply,” Gerry O’Donnell said.

“For our leak detection team to have found this leak and the subsequent improvement to the network is a massive win”.