Registration of Irish internet domains saw explosive growth in Galway in 2018

Galway Daily news

The number of new Irish .ie internet domains registered in Galway rose by almost a third last year.

According to the latest figures from IE Domain Registry, there were 2,369 .ie domains registered in Galway in 2018, a 31 percent increase on the year before.

A strong growth of Irish domains was found in the majority of counties last year, a strong indicator for the economy.

More internet domains being registered shows more businesses are starting up, or expanding to include an online presence.

Overall, 51,040 new Irish domains were registered in 2018, a massive expansion which brings the total database of .ie addresses to 261,140.

Companies and self-employed businesses accounted for 81 percent of new domain registrations last year.

IE Domain Registry is responsible for issuing .ie addresses and managing Ireland’s official internet domain.

The company is also committed to supporting small to medium enterprises through efforts like the OPTIMISE programme and other engagement initiatives to help businesses grow their online presence and expand e-commerce.

David Curtain the Chief Executive of IEDR said people starting a business last year had benefited from changes to their system that made it easier to register an address.

“Applicants only need to provide one document to prove identity and a connection to Ireland,” he said.

“Returning customers do not need to re-submit any documents and can avail of our FastPass system.”

The largest increase in growth seen last year was in Leitrim where 283 new domains were registered, a 65% increase on the year before.

However right next door Fermanagh was one of only two counties to see a decline in registrations.

The number of new internet addresses in Fermanagh dropped off a cliff last year, declining by 66 percent compared with 2017.

Dublin still accounts for the lion’s share of address at 45 percent, with over 20,000 new .ie domains registered in the capital last year.

“The .ie brand remains distinct on the local and world stages. It is a managed space that is identifiably, authentically Irish,” David Curtain said.

“In an era where people’s trust in the online world has never been more important, that reliability is crucial.”