Public spaces in the spotlight for Make Way Day

Galway daily news Public spaces in the spotlight for Make Way Day

The annual Make Way Day campaign is highlighting the difficulty that people with a disability or mobility issues have in everyday life today.

The annual Make Way Day campaign, led by the Disability Federation of Ireland, exists to promote the needs of disabled people in public spaces.

Friday, September 30 will see a one day blitz putting Galway to the test for basic access issues, with Gardaí also promising a zero tolerance approach today.

Some of the other groups behind the campaign are the Irish Wheelchair Association, Fighting Blindness, Enable Ireland, Arthritis Ireland, Multiple Sclerosis Ireland along with many others.

It is about promoting awareness of the needs of people with a disability in public spaces, where a minor issue for a fully able person can be a severe obstacle in the path of a person with a disability.

Marian Moloney Access For All Galway Chairperson said, “Whilst Make Way Day highlights access issues that disabled people face on one given day, we would like to ask the public to be mindful of the other 364 days in the year”

She said that people should, “be alert and aware of where they park their bicycles, cars and vans; where they place their bins and whether their hedges overhang so as not to create obstacles and put others at risk.”

In addition to every local authority, Make Way Day is supported by the Gardai this year for the fourth year.

The Garda the traffic division will adopt a zero tolerance approach to cars parked on footpaths today.