Possible data breach at UHG under investigation after patients get scam mail

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The Saolta University Hospital Group is investigating a possible data breach at UHG after multiple patients received the same scam mail.

Several patients at UHG reported receiving a letter from the The Anglo American Lottery telling them they’d won a prize in the ‘Hospital Sick Patient Lottery Draw’, possibly as the result of a data breach of personal information at the hospital.

The letter claimed that fictional ‘World Health Concern Charity Org’ had picked them from patients around Europe from data showing they’d been admitted to UHG.

The scam asked them to forward their date of birth to the lottery in order to verify their identity, and not to tell anyone they’d won until the prize money was in their accounts.

The letters were sent to patients personal addresses along with a questionnaire to fill out.

Multiple patients contacted the hospital with their concerns about the letter, which said they are investigating where the data breach may have come from.

The Data Protection Commissioner has also been informed and the Saolta Group have said they are conducting their own investigation of the data breach.