Plans submitted for two blocks of apartments on the Clybaun road

Galway daily news Plans submitted for two blocks of apartments on the Clybaun road

Plans have been lodged for a residential development in the west side of Galway city consisting of 47 apartments.

Oak Ventures Ltd is seeking planning permission for two blocks of apartments ranging from two to four storeys tall on the Clybaun road.

The development would mainly consist of one and two bedroom apartments across the two blocks on either side of the road.

The initial planing application was made on May 18 of last year, and on July 11 the city council made a request for further information from the developer.

The council said that the unit density in the plans is nearly double what comes under the guidelines of the city development plan for this site.

It was also said that the height and overall scale of the proposed development is considered “grossly excessive” for this point on the Clybaun road and would negatively impact existing residential developments to the south.

Several local residents have made submissions to the city council with concerns about privacy and overshadowing due to the scale of the proposed development.

The developer was requested to submit an up to date traffic and transport assessment, including an assessment of the parking provision and its proximity to neighbouring properties, public transport availability, and sightlines.

Galway city council also ordered to the developer to redesign the open spaces on the properties to be more centrally located.

This information was due to be submitted to the council by January 11, but the developer requested an additional three months to fulfill this request.

A Road Safety Audit carried out by CST Chartered Engineers was submitted as part of this planning application.

Under the current plans its intended that five units in the development will be set aside for social or affordable housing to meet the developer’s Part V planning requirements.