New city centre restaurant and guesthouse in the works

Galway Daily news Plans for Newtownsmith guesthouse and restaurant approved

Plans have been submitted to the city council for a mixed use development in Newtownsmith that will include a new restaurant and guesthouse.

Floris Wagemakers are seeking planning permission to demolish the existing guesthouse at no. 3 Newtownsmith along with its outbuildings and replace it with a more modern equivalent that also incorporates the neighbouring building.

The three storey guesthouse will have a ground floor restaurant and dining area, with accommodation on the first and second floors.

This new development will also include the neighbouring building at no. 11 Mary Street. The proposed restaurant will be a ground floor amalgamation of the new building and the existing restaurant on Mary Street.

It is proposed that the new restaurant would operate between 8am and 11pm week round.

The first and second floors of no. 11 Mary Street will also be used for accommodation in the proposed guesthouse.

It is not proposed to make any significant alterations to the front or side elevations of the building on Mary Street.

“Although a guesthouse and restaurant are long established on site, the property is in need of redevelopment and renewal,” a planning statement from Archeco Architects said.

“There are no Protected Structure on site. However, the southern portion of the property is located within an Architectural Conservation Area”.

The developer said that with a modern development in place, it will provide an opportunity for “extended bed nights and food tourism” in the city centre.

In order to protect the privacy and amenities of people living to the rear of the property the design proposes that “each of the north facing guest bedrooms will be serviced by

Galway city council is due to make a decision on this planning application by July 30.