People in Ireland donate over €1.5 million to GoFundMe campaigns for Ukraine

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More than €1.5 million has been donated to GoFundMe fundraisers launched in Ireland as the world shows its support for the people of Ukraine.

Figures from GoFundMe released today show that over 18,000 donations have been made to more than a hundred campaigns across the country so far, raising over €1.5 million.

This number is expected to rise significantly over the coming days as people dig deep to help Ukrainians in need.

Nearly €500,000 has been raised by a group of Ukrainian doctors working in the Irish healthcare system. Funds raised by this campaign will go towards assisting Ukrainian hospitals and medical staff in their efforts to heal those wounded and support their families.

campaign to support 5 year old Leonid has raised over €65,000.  Leonid was due to receive a bone marrow transplant treatment in Kyiv last week in a hospital that has since been bombed. Leonid and his parents have safely arrived in Ireland where funds donated will help him to receive his treatment.

Three friends have traveled to the Ukrainian border in Poland and are bringing urgently needed food, medicine & supplies to the people of Ukraine who are under attack from the Russian regime. Their campaign has raised close to €30,000.

A fundraiser has been set up to help Ukrainians with disabilities. So far the campaign has raised over €230,000 to assist those with disabilities to flee and support people who cannot evacuate.

Tim Cadogan, CEO of GoFundMe said that the response from people across Ireland and around the world to support the people of Ukraine has been extraordinary.

“GoFundMe’s mission is to help people help each other and that’s why we’re working around the clock to ensure funds get safely, securely and quickly to where they are needed as people step up to help.”