Notices issued for extension of city pedestrianisation

Galway Daily news Pedestrianising of city streets

Galway City Council has issued notices for the continued pedestrianisation of streets around the city centre to support outdoor dining.

The council pedestrianised a number of streets, either for the evening or 24/7, back in June in order to provide more space for bars and restaurants.

Along with street or lane closures, street parking was also filled in at a number of areas along Salthill and the city centre in order to provide space.

The outdoor dining plans were originally intended to last until the end of December, but the council decided this week to extend the measure.

Bars and restaurants, along with visitors to Galway and locals alike, will be able to make use of the extra seating space outside until October 22.

The city council has not made any changes to the streets which are part of the programme.

Dominick Street Upper closes each evening from 6pm to 11pm, and William Street West is also shut to cars for the same period.

Raven’s Terrace is closed from 4pm to the following 6am, the Small Crane is shut 24/7, as is the outbound lane at Woodquay.

The enhanced outdoor dining measures in Galway are similar to those undertaken by cities and towns around the country, and have proven a hit this summer, when the weather allows people to make use of it.