Palás Cinema wins international architecture award

Galway Daily

Galway’s Palás cinema was one of the big winners at the World Architecture Awards this weekend.

The arthouse cinema designed by architect Tom dePaor won Best Use of Colour at the architecture awards in Amsterdam on Saturday.

The cinema on Merchant’s road was noted for its painted glass windows that light the interior in vibrant blues and yellows.

The 22 resin-coated windows were created by Irish artist Patrick Scott.

Judges at the architecture awards noted how “colour is completely integrated and critical to the conceptual design and experience of the building,” which was described as like “a magic lantern”.

The Pálás was also nominated for an award as a completed cultural building, but lost to The Piano Mill in Stanthorpe, Australia.

The grey-fronted concrete building in the heart of the Latin Quarter towers over surrounding buildings down by the Spanish Arch.

Opening last February, the Palás cinema is run by Element Pictures who took over management from the original company Solas in 2016.

Long a source of controversy in Galway, the Palás took 14 years and €9 million in public funding to deliver, on top of donations made by individuals to the project.

The independent cinema features three screens and recently celebrated the opening of its downstairs bar and restaurant Merrow.

Building from around the world were nominated for awards in 42 categories at the World Architecture Festival.

The overall World Building of the Year 2018 is the Kampung Admiralty retirement village in Singapore.