Over 100 COVID fines issued in Galway during final week of March

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Gardaí dished out 103 fines to people in Galway for breaking COVID-19 restrictions during the last week in March.

As of Wednesday, 969 fines in total have been issued by Gardaí in the county, up from 866 last week.

Across the Republic, 17,735 on-the-spot fines have now been given out to people for breaking a range of lockdown measures including breaches of the 5km travel limit.

Nationally, Gardaí issued a further 74 €500 fines to people for organising house parties during the final week in March, bringing the total number of fines related to organising events to 686.

There was a reduction in the number of fines given out to people attending parties though, with 224 more fines dished out over the seven-day period.

In total, 2,383 fines of €100 have now been handed out to people for going to parties. Gardaí have also dished out 315 €80 fines to people for not wearing face masks.

The Cork City Garda Division still has the highest number of fines issued with 1,888 to date, followed by Dublin North (1,779), Dublin West (1,240), and Limerick (1,167).

Deputy Commissioner, Policing and Security, Anne Marie McMahon said that An Garda Síochána acknowledges the impact Covid-19 restrictions are having on people.

But she said that the restrictions are keeping people safe and reducing the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

“Despite constant public health advice, people are still attending house parties and other social gatherings.

“Going to such gatherings puts you, your loved ones, and everyone else you come into contact with subsequently, at risk of exposure to COVID-19. Attending such gatherings are a breach of the Health Regulations.”

Gardaí urged people to stay home during Easter, which they say is the best way of keeping people safe.