International energy conference pushing a carbon free future at NUIG

Galway Daily news Carbon free energy industry conference NUIG

Working towards a carbon free energy industry will be the talk of the town  at 8th international conference on ‘Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control and Bioenergy’ at NUIG.

NUI Galway is hosting this conference with researchers from over 20 countries to share knowledge and innovations on building carbon-neutral industry, sustainable agriculture and sustainable cities.

This year’s conference will focus on the topic of Waste Gas Treatment, how it can be eliminated or reused for practical ends.

New research from NUI Galway’s New Energy Technologies laboratory will present novel developments in hydrogen gas production using microbes from waste, as well as the production of valuable chemicals from carbon dioxide gas.

For example, biogas formed during manure decomposition on farms can be used as a fuel once it has gone through a purification stage, which is currently the focus of investigation at NUIG.

“This is a unique conference, organised biannually to discuss biological processes to treat waste gas emissions from industry and agriculture,” said Prof Piet Lens, Established Professor of New Energy Technologies at NUIG.

“At the conference, innovative processes to decarbonise the energy system will be discussed in order to achieve a carbon-neutral industry, sustainable agriculture and sustainable cities.”

He added that the conference will also see hands on presentations of technologies meant to help Ireland meet the targets set in the Climate Action Plan.

During the three day conference taking place on August 28 – 30 researchers will present new discoveries in biogas purification and upgrading by using bacteria; converting industrial waste gases into useful biofuels; and analytical and modelling methods to monitor the functioning of waste gas treatment systems.

The conference will feature over 50 presentations and aims to open new doors to academic and industrial partners in order to facilitate research cooperation between academia and industry.

The conference will take place in the Ó Tnúthail Lecture Theatre, Arts Millenium Building, South Campus, NUI Galway from 28-30 August.