Night-time water restrictions likely to be imposed in Gort

Galway Daily news Power outages disrupting water supply

The Boil Water Notice imposed in Gort this month remains in place, and nightly water restrictions are also expected in the days ahead.

Irish Water has said that night-time water restrictions from midnight to 8am are likely to be imposed on the town in the coming days.

Irish Water’s Eoin Hughes said, “We understand the community’s frustration and can ensure everyone that we are working tirelessly to resolve the issues.”

“A number of issues have come together to cause the current difficulties. Before the cold weather took hold there were a number of leaks on the network and these drained reservoirs to low levels across the scheme.”

“On the weekend of December 12-13 the cold weather caused severe operational difficulties at the treatment plant. As a result, a Boil Water Notice was issued last Monday and this remains in place.”

“There were further issues caused by the freezing conditions towards the end of last week leading to the plant being shut down.”

“The plant was brought back into production late Friday night. However there are currently very high levels of water demand on the scheme and we are appealing to local people to do what they can to reduce their use where possible.”

Repair works on a major leak were also scheduled to take place on Tuesday, which Irish Water said will help with the reservoir levels.

The Boil Water Notice for Gort was imposed earlier this month after freezing conditions caused mechanical problems at the treatment plant.

This was affecting the treatment quality of the water supply for 2,776 homes and businesses in the area.