New spectator stand proposed for Oranmore Community Centre pitch

Galway Daily news Council approves spectator stand and facelift for Oranmore Community Centre pitch

Planning permission is being sought for an overhaul of the Oranmore Community Centre that will include a new all weather spectator stand and external wall.

Oranmore Park Committee has submitted plans for 272 seat covered Spectator Viewing Stand at the existing community centre pitch on the Dublin Road.

The new stand is needed due to “growing importance and interest” in the hurling and football which is the “focal point” of activities at the centre the application states.

“Under the current configuration, during games spectators congregate at the low level enclosure barrier surrounding the pitch area to watch games.”

Due to this, crowds are “completely exposed to the prevailing weather conditions with so suitable cover except the remote shelter of the community centre building and it surrounds.”

The new covered seating stand would be located at the southern end of the site, running parallel to the main pitch.

It is also proposed to carry out works that will enhance the appearance of the centre by replacing the existing external wall and gateway with a more aesthetically pleasing choice.

Galway County Council is due to make a decision on this planning application by March 31.