New Galway City cycle parking in map goes live

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Galway City Council’s new online map showing the location of over 1,000 bike parking spaces across the city has gone live.

The map will allow cyclists to find their nearest parking spot and it will help the council identify places where more bike parking spaces are needed.

A total of 296 new cycle parking spaces were introduced in 2020 – an increase of 28% compared to 2019 and a further 66 cycle parking spaces were added in the first three months of this year.

The map will be updated as additional cycle parking is added, or where stands are relocated and Galway City Council is welcoming suggestions from cycling and accessibility advocacy groups.

When the map was announced last month, Kevin Jennings, Chairperson of Galway Cycling Campaign, said that not knowing where you can safely and conveniently park can deter you from choosing to hop on the saddle to a shop, café or business service.

“There  is clear evidence to show that cycle parking brings real benefits to businesses,” said Kevin.

“The retail spend per square metre for cycle parking is five times higher than the same area for car parking.

“There’s a bike boom across the city with people of all ages and abilities cycling everyday. And with cycle parking too.

“We’ve noticed lots of new racks at playgrounds across the city, outside shops like O’Connor’s Centra in Salthill, Face Hairdressers on Sea Road, near Eyre Square, and in the heart of the city such as outside Sally Longs on Upper Abbeygate Street.”

Suggestions can be sent to – and the map can be viewed HERE