More time granted to complete Connemara wind farm

Galway Daily news Plans in the works for northwest Galway wind farm

Galway County Council has granted more time to complete the construction of a wind farm in Connemara.

SSE Renewables sought an Extension of Duration to planning permission for a 22 turbine wind farm at Finnaun, Connemara.

A ten year grant of planning permission for the wind farm was first granted by the county council on June 7, 2010.

SSE asked the county council to extend that planning permission by three and a half years to complete work on the wind farm.

The wind turbines will have a maximum hub height of 90m, a maximum rotor diameter of 101m, and a total tip height of 140.5m.

The project also involves the construction of a 90m meteorological mast, a substation, new borrow pits and internal access roads, turbine hardstands, and underground cables.

Existing access roads will be upgraded, as will the drainage system, and a wastewater holding tank will also be built.

So far, 20 of the 22 turbines have been completed and are operational as of September 2017 according to SSE.

The remaining work is expected to commence in November 2021 according to the application, with a view towards being complete by March 2023.

Galway County Council granted unconditional approval to the extension of duration application.