Minimum pricing on alcohol to be introduced tomorrow

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Minimum unit pricing on alcohol will come into effect in Ireland tomorrow, Tuesday.

The minimum price will be 10c per gram, meaning the minimum price for one standard drink, i.e. a small glass of wine, will be €1.

A 500ml can of beer at 4.3% ABV will be at least €1.70 and a bottle of wine (750 ml, 12.5% ABV) will be over €7.40.

A 70cl bottle of spirits at 40% ABV cannot be sold below €22.09 under the new rules.

Prof John Ryan of Beaumont Hospital, Dublin welcomed the introduction of the new pricing rules, saying that it will help to reduce the harm caused by cheap alcohol.

Speaking on Newstalk, Eunan McKinney of Alcohol Action Ireland also welcomed the measure, saying: “As of midnight tonight, minimum unit pricing will be put in place – ensuring there will be a minimum price set for a gram of alcohol. Alcohol will no longer be able to be sold beneath that price.”

“Alcohol has been used as essentially a footfall driver into convenience stores and supermarkets, and has been sold at exceptionally cheap prices.”

“This is endeavouring about trying to bring about a change in that – we know when alcohol is that cheap, it does fuel excessive drinking and especially binge drinking.”