Met Eireann issues ‘Weather Advisory’ as Storm Lorenzo heads towards Ireland

Galway Daily news Storm Lorenzo orange warning extended

Met Eireann has issued a ‘Weather Advisory’ covering all of Ireland ahead of the strong likelihood that Storm Lorenzo will cause severe weather this week.

It’s currently expected that Storm Lorenzo will bring severe winds and rain as it hits or passes close to Ireland on Thursday and Friday.

A weather advisory is something Met Eireann says is meant to provide early information about hazardous conditions that are headed our way.

“There is a high probability that Storm Lorenzo will track close to or over Ireland later on Thursday and early Friday, giving high seas, severe winds and heavy rain,” the advisory says.

It will be in effect from just after midnight on Wednesday until midnight on Friday, October 4.

Storm Lorenzo is currently the strongest ever hurricane recorded this far north and east in the Atlantic, with winds of over 170km/hr asit moves over the Azores region in the mid Atlantic.

However it is expected to lose its hurricane status and get downgraded to an extra-tropical storm as it hits colder waters moving further north.

Currently it is expected that Storm Lorenzo will cease to be a hurricane while it is still 1,000km from Ireland. In comparison, Storm Ophelia was not downgraded until it was 500km off the coast.

More specific weather warning will be issued by Met Eireann on Wednesday morning as Lorezo’s path becomes clearer.