MEP urges government to ban TikTok from staff phones

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Midlands North West MEP Colm Markey has urged the Oireachtas to follow the example set by the European Parliament and ban TikTok from staff devices.

The Fine Gael MEP said he has serious concerns about the security risks posed by the Chinese owned app.

The European Parliament last week told MEPs and staff to uninstall the app from all corporate devices, in alignment with the Commission and Council.

“The three EU institutions have banned TikTok due to cybersecurity concerns and I believe the Oireachtas should follow suit,” said Markey.

“TDs, Senators and staff should be told to uninstall the app from all official devices until we have guarantees that private data is not being sent to China.”

The MEP said that as public servants, we have a duty to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access.

“TikTok’s data collection practices are a cause for concern and we cannot afford to take any chances with the security of our information.”