Market trader adapting to limit the spread of coronavirus

Galway Daily news market trader adopts new shopping practices for safety

One of Galway’s biggest market traders are adopting new ways of controlling shopping this weekend to address concerns about spreading the coronavirus.

Gannet Fishmongers will be up and trading at Galway Market as usual this weekend, but have adopted new measures for safer shopping.

In line with public recommendations, the company which has been on this very market for 15 years are implementing a number of steps to lower potential risks factors at their shop and markets.

Gannet has sourced a ticketing queuing system which will help manage queue at their busy fish counters in their .

“Open air and outdoor markets are possibly one the safest environment to shop,” said Stefan Griesbach, owner of, the online arm of Gannet Fishmongers.

“This new ticketing queuing system which will help us manage queues and of course people need to keep distances when shopping.”

He said that small shops, food market vendors and suppliers have been very quick to react to the changing circumstances.

“Product sourcing is much easier for the smaller business and we can put into practice these changes immediately, reacting in real time to what is happening.”

Despite the government’s appeal for people to avoid panic buying, stressing that supply lines will remain open, there has been a rush on the shops since yesterday, when the Taoiseach announced a range of measures to combat the Covid-19 coronavirus.

While schools, universities, cultural sites and more have been closed, shops remain open, but people are being asked to take sensible approach, limit their social interaction, and keep a safe distance from other in public to mimimise the risk of the virus spreading.