MADRA rescues 34 dogs from county farm, seeks good homes

Galway Daily news MADRA rescues 34 dogs from county farm, seeks good homes

The Galway dog rescue and adoption charity MADRA has rescued 34 dogs from a property in Galway county, and is seeking quiet, supportive foster homes where they can come into their own.

Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue & Adoption, based in Camus, Connemara, recently removed a large number of collie type dogs from a private property at the behest of the county council.

“A short time ago we were asked to assist the local authority in the removal of a large number of dogs from a private property,” a statement on MADRA’s facebook page reads.

“We knew it was going to be tough but we felt that if it was possible at all then we should do our very best to save these unfortunate creatures. These dogs definitely needed us.”

“The day was very difficult and we spent hours ferrying these dogs from the only home they had known, to a strange but safe environment.

“Our team based themselves at the pound, vaccinating, worming & microchipping the groups of bewildered dogs as they arrived and moving them on to private boarding kennels for further assessment.”

“They are all Collie type dogs and all of them are struggling to cope with their change in circumstance.”

“To be fair, they were well fed and were not in poor physical shape, but their coping skills are not good and they have still a long road ahead of them.”

“This is a very clear demonstration of how numbers of animals can get out of control so quickly when you do not neuter.”

MADRA rescues 34 dogs from county farm, seeks good homes

As MADRA didn’t have the resources to cater for so many “tricky” dogs at one time, they sought the help of multiple private kennels and Collie-specific, UK rescue groups to help with their rehabilitation and rehoming.

The rescue operation took place on February 25, but the long road thereafter was disrupted by the coronavirus crisis, the same as all walks of life.

Several of the dogs had already been moved to Dogs Trust Ireland and Border Collie Trust GB before the lockdown, but other animals bound for Hope Rescue, Oak Tree Rescue, Valgrays and Spirit of Freedom Collie Rescue had to stay with MADRA.

MADRA said that it rescued a total of 34 dogs from the property, and that since there may still be legal consequences, will not be commenting on the matter further.

But “strong and supportive” foster homes are needed for the 34 dogs “until they have the courage to embrace their new lives”.

The charity thanked the county council for its “pro-active” stance, and all the kennels who stepped up to help MADRA with this monumental burden “without whom we could not have coped”.

MADRA rescues 34 dogs from county farm, seeks good homes

Six dogs from the incredibly named Croga (courageous) family are now ready to move on from the kennels to the next stage of their rehabilitative journey.

Java, Jai, Tali, Jasper, Dido and Jez are described as curious and “engaging” with people who have earned their trust.

They are looking for ‘support homes’ where the dogs can live in pairs. These would need to be a quiet home, with a secure garden, where they can become more comfortable around people and grow in confidence and playfulness.

The dogs will need a dedicated living space such as a kennel, garage or utility room where
they will have privacy to seek refuge until they are comfortable enough to explore their
new surroundings.

“We know that this is not the pet dog that you imagined when you thought of getting a new dog but following these dogs on their journey will be hugely rewarding.

“To watch them slowly gain confidence, gently approach you for a treat, play like foxes when nobody’s looking and, eventually, wiggle over to you with the excitement of seeing you; these are all magical experiences and you would have our full support all the way.”

If you think that you could provide a home for one of these dogs then fill out an adoption questionnaire at