Local coffee shop donates €1,000 to 4Capsake initiative

galway daily news 4capsake and esquire coffee reps in galway city
Ruth Keane, 4Capsake, and Caryl McDonagh, Esquires Coffee Eyre Square. Picture: Philip Smyth.

Esquires Coffee Galway has donated over €1,000 to the 4Capsake initiative which was founded by sisters Ruth Keane and Pam Finn after Ruth was diagnosed with cancer.

Pam and Ruth discovered Paxman Scalp Cooling – a pioneering technology that aims to help patients to prevent hair loss during therapy.

Ruth trialled the technology, and maintained most of her hair which had a huge impact on her recovery.

The Paxman Scalp Cooling System has been used by over 100,000 patients in 35 countries and is responsible for helping patients to keep their hair and retain normality during chemotherapy.

The cap works by lowering scalp temperature before, during, and after the administration of chemotherapy. The technology is not usually made available by the HSE and the two Galway sisters want to change that.

Speaking on behalf of Esquires Coffee, Caryl McDonagh said: “We were inspired by Ruth’s bravery and the willingness of Ruth and her sister Pam to try to help other women facing such heartbreaking news and the treatment that follows.

“The initiative is one that we feel strongly about and so we were delighted to support.”