Local charity receives support from across the world through COVID-19 crisis

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Under normal circumstances, Hand in Hand provides a tailored package of practical and emotional support services to familsies across the country through their childhood cancer journey.

The services offered include domestic cleaning, laundry, childcare, meals, play therapy and counselling.

During the current crisis, the Charity is doing everything possible to support these families from a distance.

Hand in Hand has increased its offering to include supermarket vouchers and ramping up emotional support services such as online counselling and support from its in-house play therapist which can be provided remotely.

As fundraising efforts have been curtailed across the Charity sector, Hand in Hand is seeing a new creative wave of support to help them through these trying times.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” said Paula Carroll, Director at Hand in Hand. “This is a difficult time for everyone, especially those in our industry. Not only are incomes down, but the people we support need our help more than ever.

“Our supporters have always surprised us with their creative fundraising efforts, but the efforts during this period are especially heart-warming. We cannot thank everyone involved enough.”

A team of students from UCD has created a virtual challenge through social media, to help increase awareness of the charities work and raise vital funds.

The challenge involves decorating a tracing of your hand and displaying it in your window to spread joy.

Details of the challenge can be found on the Charity’s Facebook page and on its Instagram page.

One of the students working on the project, Jennifer McCarthy explained: “Charities are working hard during the current Covid-19 situation and it is so important to support Hand in Hand as their fundraising efforts have been affected.

“This virtual campaign is a great way to entertain children and families across Ireland while helping Hand in Hand continue providing supports to families experiencing childhood cancer.”

The Teeny Tiny Boutique, a Galway-based woman-owned business specialising in handmade accessories for children and adults, is donating 100% of their sales in April to Hand in Hand.

Jennifer Carpenter, Service Manager at Hand in Hand said: “We are overwhelmed by the generosity of this support, The owner of the Teeny Tiny Boutique already supports us with an annual Christmas Craft Fair in Oranmore every year.

“To donate all their sales for a month during such a difficult time is beyond thoughtful.”

The Charity have also received international support from an Irish national and songwriter in Australia.

Mike Bowen originally from Cork, has written and produced a song called Rainbows sung by a young Australian girl Chelsea Celeste-Tanti, to raise much needed funds for the Charity.

Mike Bowen has donated the song exclusively to Hand in Hand, to purchase the song please contact the Charity directly.

For information about any of these campaigns or how you can help Hand in Hand continue to provide vital support to families around the country, please contact Laura Bromley Fundraising and Development at laura@handinhand.ie or 087 329 5395.