Planning permission for 22 houses in Salthill

Galway Daily news An Bord Pleanála green light's Salthill housing development

Galway City Council has granted planning permission for the construction of 22 houses in Salthill, ordering that none shall be sold to corporate entities

K King Construction has received the green light for six blocks of terraced houses, and one detached house, at Rockbarton Court in Salthill.

The infill site is currently an undeveloped field area on the south side of the Rockbarton Court road, surrounded by existing developments.

The estate will have a total of 26 parking spaces, after the council said that the originally planned 31 spaces was excessive.

There were 17 objections received by the city council to the initial planning application, and a eight follow up submissions after further information was requested and received from the developer.

These raised concerns about increased traffic, the density of the housing development and its affect on residential amenity, and overshadowing issues.

The original plans were for 25 homes, but three were removed from the eastern side of the development after council planners, and public submissions, expressed concern about encroachment on the boundaries of the site.

The public open space for the housing estate was also redesigned after planners raised doubts about the level and quality of space provided in the original plans.

Planning permission for the residential development was granted by city council with 18 conditions attached.

Among those, the council ordered that a bike storage building be removed from the plans, and that all cables must be undergrounded.

The developer must also pay a contribution of €250,830 towards the provision of public services in the area to the city council.

The council also ordered that all of these homes must, in the first instance, be sold to individuals, not corporate entities.