Planning approval for Spiddal housing development

Galway Daily news Planning appeal over 91 houses & apartments in Athenry

Planning permission has been granted by the county council for a housing development on the north side of Spiddal Village.

Hyman Properties Ltd has been given approval for the construction of 15 houses on the Baile Árd road.

The eight semi-detached and seven terraced houses will be built at the existing Ard na Speire development.

In order to comply with Part V planning law requirements, two semi-detached houses will be transferred to the county council for social or affordable housing.

The plans also include two landscaped green areas located to the north and south west ends of the site.

A Linguistic Impact Statement was submitted after the council requested it, as this development is located within the Gaeltacht.

It confirmed that three houses in the estate shall be reserved for Irish speaking members of the community.

Planning permission for the project was ultimately granted by the county council with 32 conditions attached.

Condition No. 13 stipulated that a minimum of 80% of the houses permitted shall be restricted to those who can “demonstrate the ability to preserve and culture of the Gaeltacht” for a period of 15 years, unless otherwise agreed with the council.

All of the houses are also restricted to individual buyers in the first instance, with bulk purchases by corporate entities not allowed.

The developer must also pay a contribution of €59,896.05 to the county council towards the provision of services and facilities for the area.