County councillor calls on TDs to back motion to extend eviction ban

Galway daily news Anonymous €1.5 million charity bequest to deliver social housing in Galway

Loughrea Cllr Declan Kelly is calling on all TDs from the county to support Sinn Féin’s motion to extend the eviction ban until the end of next January.

The Independent councillor has said that to do otherwise will cause “unimaginable distress and anxiety” for numerous families.

“Almost a year ago, President Higgins described the situation regarding housing in Ireland as a ‘great, great failure’,” said Cllr Kelly.

“I would go further and say that the housing situation and the government’s handling of it has been nothing short of catastrophic.”

He said that in Galway county, there are approximately 3,500 on the waiting list for houses with almost 9% of that figure on the list for more than 11 years.

“How does it come to pass that some 300 people are left more than a decade waiting for a home that they can call their own?

“Despite this appalling situation, the coalition government is prepared to put the party whip system before the needs of people and families across the country and force TDs to support the ending of the eviction ban.”

Cllr Kelly said TDs should put their “consciences before party membership, to do the right thing and to support Sinn Féin’s motion on extending the ban until the end of next January.”

“If they do not, then voters should send a very clear message to government parties at the next local and general elections,” he added.