Planning permission refused for Athenry housing development

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Galway County Council refused planning permission for a housing development in Athenry, which was to comprise 12 houses at Caherroyn, on the north side of town.

Coffey Construction Ltd sought approval to build the houses as an extension of the existing Parklands housing estate in Athenry, accessible via the existing estate road.

In refusing planning permission, the county council said that Coffey had not shown that they had sufficient legal interest or consent to access the site through Parklands estate, or to connect to its water and wastewater infrastructure.

Therefore, allowing it to go ahead would be “prejudicial to public health”, with the potential to have a negative impact on protected environmental sites, and would also pose a road traffic hazard.

The only public submission received by the county council in relation to this development was an objection from 26 residents of the existing Parklands estate.

Local residents raised concerns about the construction traffic which would come through the estate’s internal roads, saying that it would pose a safety hazard for children in the area.

the objectors also said that they were not notified or consulted on the proposed use of the existing estate road, which they argued is not a public road, and which Coffey Construction does not have rights to.