Over 44,000 vaccinations carried out at Galway Racecourse in 2022

Galway Daily news Over 44,000 vaccinations carried out at Galway Racecourse in 2022

More than 44,000 vaccinations for different bugs were administered at Galway Racecourse in 2022, with monthly figures steadily declining throughout the year.

Figures provided to Councillor Donagh Killilea showed that over the course of last year, there were 44,442 vaccinations carried out for COVID-19, Flu, and Monkeypox at the Racecourse vaccination centre.

The figures were provided to Cllr Killilea ahead of a meeting of the Regional Health Forum this week.

The largest share of these were administered in January, when 15,055 people were vaccinated at the Racecourse, and figures followed a downwards trend to just over 2,000 last December, though the lowest figures were actually in the mid-year.

Operational costs of close to more than €900,000 were also incurred for running the vaccination centre in 2022, along with €484,289.53 for the Licence Fee and rental of equipment.

The Saolta University Hospital Group incurred operational costs of €595,706 up to the end of July last year.

However, operational management of the Vaccination Service transferred from Saolta Hospital Group to Community Healthcare West (CHW) in May 2022.

Costs for Community Healthcare West running the Galway Racecourse vaccination centre for the period May-Dec 2022 were €323,168.22.