NUI Galway launches six-week wellbeing programme for students

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From left, Eimear O’Tuathail, BA in Music and Psychological Studies student; Aisling Magner, Bachelor of Arts student; Kenneth Ryan, Exercise Physiologist and Yoga 'Mister' (instructor); James Kilkenny, Physical Activity Development Officer; and Méadhbh Ryan, MSc Marketing Practice student. Credit: Aengus McMahon.

NUI Galway has launched a new well-being programme to support students’ physical and mental health and research its impact.

The Mind, Body, Boost initiative aims to address social isolation, poor lifestyle balance, mental health difficulties and low levels of physical activity of young people.

The programme also involves research to assess the impact and benefit of a six-week health and wellbeing programme on physical and mental health.

Professor Michelle Millar, Dean of Students, NUI Galway, said that “we know from our students that the issues of anxiety and stress are real.”

“Mind, Body, Boost provides us with a new opportunity to help our students improve their overall well-being, to prevent isolation and open the door to physical activity. Most of all, it is a huge opportunity to learn the impacts of this approach.”

Mind, Body, Boost is designed to be accessible and welcoming for third level students with low levels of physical activity and mental health struggles and who have had limited opportunities to participate in physical activity, for whatever reason, through personal difficulties or other obstacles.

It is running in seven institutions across Europe, and recruits students via student sign-up and seeks referrals from student service, health professionals and educators.

An APP has been developed for participating students who will receive encouragement and motivation to achieve their goals each week.

Tuesday marked the introductory session for NUI Galway students, and sessions continue on campus on the same day each week for the next six weeks.

The sessions run for 25 minutes and 45 minutes and include a mix of low-moderate intensity physical activity, relaxation, and resilience sessions.