Fundraiser launched for Oranmore mum diagnosed with cancer

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A fundraiser has been set up to support an Oranmore mother who was recently diagnosed with liver and colon cancer.
Diana Mazionyte, a mother of two young children, says that the diagnosis in October came as a shock and has completely turned her life around.
Diana says that funds raised through her GoFundMe campaign will go towards much-needed treatments to fight the disease. Over €9,000 has been raised in the fundraiser so far.
“To treat the cancer, I am taking on both alternative and conventional approaches,” she said.
“Some of the alternative treatments include oxygen/ozone therapies, infra-red sauna therapy, intravenous vitamin C treatments, mistletoe therapy, herbal treatments, healthy diet choices, supplements, and certain medications.”
“These are not ‘one time’ treatments, therefore repeat therapies are a must to keep the disease at bay and maybe to completely recover from it. But time will show how it goes.”
Some of the other treatments that Diana is considering can only be accessed abroad, and she says that she and her family are very appreciative of any help or contribution – no matter how big or small.
“My aim is that my children would still have a mom, and that I could successfully fight the disease before it rapidly spreads. Please, help me in this difficult time to have some hope.”
Diana’s GoFundMe campaign can be found here.