Extreme pressure on beds at Portiuncula Hospital today

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Portiiuncula Hospital is cautioning of lengthy waiting times for a bed this morning amid extreme pressure on the Emergency Department.

There are currently 28 patients at the ED on trolleys waiting for a bed according to a statement from the Saolta Group.

“There is ongoing pressure on bed availability in the hospital and as a result patients are facing long delays being admitted from the Emergency Department to a bed on a ward.”

“The hospital acknowledges that these delays are very difficult for patients and their families and apologises for the inconvenience and distress these delays cause.”

All available beds in Portiuncula Hospital are currently in use, Saolta said to Galway Daily.

The Emergency Department is treating people based on the severity of their assessment, and people who don’t require urgent care may find themselves waiting longer.

“If your health problem is not an emergency you should contact your GP during normal surgery hours or the Westdoc GP out of hours service, in the first instance,” Saolta said.

As part of ongoing COVID-19 safety measures, people are asked to attend the Emergency Department along, and maintain social distancing.

“We remind patients to please wear a face mask when in the Emergency Department and to comply with any COVID-19 screening processes.”

A companion will only be permitted at the ED in exception circumstances, to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.