Aware’s free mental health programmes coming to Galway

Galway Daily news Aware's free mental health programmes coming to Galway

The mental health charity Aware is offering free life skills programmes in Galway which will be getting underway next month.

Aware’s popular Life Skills Group Programme is available to attend at the Clayton Hotel, Ballybrit from April 18, with registration now open.

This programme, nine hours over the course of six weeks, will teach attendees how to better cope with the stresses of everyday life.

It teaches how to recognise and manage unhelpful thoughts, learn new ways of thinking and ultimately begin the journey to a healthier and more confident life.

Developed by the renowned cognitive behaviour therapy specialist (CBT), Dr. Chris Williams, the programme is specifically designed to help people learn more about how we think and how this can influence our actions in helpful or unhelpful ways.

“I feel by practicing these tools daily I will be able to get back to the old confident me that seemed to have got lost because of life pressures,” one attendee said.

“An amazing, potentially life changing course that is user friendly and welcoming. The skills are invaluable.”

The Life Skills Programme has been independently evaluated by Aware.

The evaluation showed a clinically significant improvement in participants’ self-reported levels of anxiety and depression after completing the programme.

Virtual programmes are also available so participants can choose the format, day and session time that best suits their schedule.

The organisation’s Relatives & Friends Programme and Living Well With Bipolar Disorder Programme is also open for registration with virtual options available.

To find out more and register your free place, visit