Green light for walking trails network in Clarinbridge

Galway Daily news

Residents of Clarinbridge will be able to get out and enjoy nature with a new network of walking trails approved by the county council.

The Brothers of Charity have received planning permission for to create new walking trails on the grounds of Kilcornan Estate at the east end of Clarinbridge.

These will be linked with existing trails, which will also be upgraded, to create a walking network several kilometres in length in total.

There will also be a section of timber boardwalk, the bog-bridge, near the village to avoid any flooding from the River Clarin.

The different sections of the proposed network are:

  1. Riverbank Walkway – a 606m trail which includes a raised wooden Bog Bridge, a resurfaced existing stone pathway and new section of the same, and a grassland walkway.
  2. Cowpark Trail – A 690m long grassland walkway.
  3. Coillte owned Woodland – two stretches of existing walkway, 756m long in total, to be resurfaced.
  4. Farmland Trail – 623m of walking trails with a gravel surface.
  5. An existing trail with no works to take place.
  6. Woodland Walkway – 434m of walking trails in three sections, one of which already exists, and two to be created.
  7. Entrance Avenue – 883m of unbound gravel walkway.

Coillte granted permission for lands owned by the state agency to be used in the project, as has the county council itself.

The council transportation department said that there were no traffic issues of concern, as multiple car parks exist on site, and there is also street parking available in Clarinbridge.

Clarinbridge GAA Club submitted a letter of support for the project, saying that their expanded car park will be available for amenity use, including for people enjoying the walking trails.

No public submissions or objections related to this project were received by the county council.

Planning permission was granted by the council for these walking trails with seven standard conditions attached.