Green light for considerably larger replacement mobile mast in Gort

Galway Daily news Green light for considerably larger replacement mobile mast in Gort

Planning permission has been granted to replace a mobile and broadband mast in Gort with a much larger one.

Vodafone Ireland has received the green light from An Bord Pleanála to take down the existing mast at the Eir Exchange site on Barrack Street, Gort.

The intend to replace the 15.1m high mast already there with a 30m lattice mast and associated ground based equipment.

The county council refused planning permission for the new mast in 2022, citing the visual impact from the increased height of the structure.

Their decision stated that “notwithstanding the fact that the site is already occupied by a telecommunications support structure”, this proposal would have a “significantly increased” detrimental visual impact on the area.

In their appeal against this decision, Vodafone Ireland said that the majority of Gort and the surrounding area currently only have ‘fair/fringe’ coverage, and that they need this larger mast to provide 4G & 5G services.

It also stated that the nearest other mast location available is 3km away, and not suitable, and that a telecoms tower at this location is already a visual feature in Gort.

Four public submissions were made regarding this appeal, raising concerns about the visual impact of the proposed lattice tower, stating that it would have a negative impact on the town centre and Gort River Walkway.

Planning permission for the mobile mast was granted by An Bord Pleanála with seven conditions attached.