GoFundMe fundraising campaign set up to support COPE Galway

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A GoFundMe fundraising campaign has been launched to support COPE Galway during the COVID-19 crisis.

Galway Hooker Sailing Club, in association with Galway Bay Seafoods, set up the page to raise funds for the vulnerable in the community during the crisis.

The campaign aims to raise 1,000 euro for the local charity, and has so far raised almost a quarter of that amount.

Galway Hooker Sailing Clubis a non-profit community group that typically runs training courses to recruit new crew for our community-based Galway Hooker restoration projects.

The main objective of the club is to preserve these iconic symbols of Galway and to share with a wider audience the rich maritime history and Wild Atlantic way of life.

The club’s volunteers and professional crew members are from all over the world and are dedicated to the local community. They want to offer their assistance by turning the tide and raising enough funds for Galway COPE Meals on Wheels to ensure that nobody in the city or county goes hungry.

COPE is currently running additional services to assist the elderly, and those most at risk.

On the official GoFundMe page, Galway Hooker Sailing Club says: “We invite you to support their valuable work with a donation that will go toward helping the most needy during this unprecedented crisis.

“Not only will it provide meals to people who may otherwise find themselves very vulnerable, it will also enable staff to check in and make sure that everyone is safe and well.

“Our partner, Galway Bay Seafoods,is a local business dedicated to supporting Ireland’s fishermen/women and helping to sustain the Irish fishing industry. Galway Bay Seafoodshas kindly offered to supply Meals on Wheels with fish.”

Visit the GoFundMe page to support COPE by clicking here.